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« on: January 16, 2013, 08:45:58 PM »
- About SD card:

1. What's the file system for SD card?
FAT32, we recommend to use cluster size as 16KB or 32KB when formatting the SD card.

2. Does the SD card slot support plug and play?
Yes, however do not unplug the SD card when deleting songs.

3. Support SDXC card?
Yes, but remember to reformat SDXC cards to FAT32 by tools like DiskGenius if cards are in exFAT format.

4. What's the dictionary and folder level supported?
QA660 supports 3 dictionary levels and 2 folder levels, such as /root/folder/child folder

5. Why only support 2 folder levels?
QA660 is well known for its' boot-up and operating speed, this is benefited from the 2-folder-levels design. The 2-folder-levels design is employed to optimize  the boot-up and songs searching speed, as well as the display effect.

- Playing Songs

1. Manage and quick search songs
- The best way to organize folders is /root/Singer/Album
- Up/Down and Left/Right navigation Keys are useful to locate songs very quickly, try short/long press the keys.

2. No sound for playing some high rate songs (174.6KHz or 192KHz)
- Confirm your DAC supports up to 192KHz
- Some DACs need to check the music data flow rate so the receiving chip is able to adapt and lock the rate, and some DACs may have difficulties to recognize the music data flow rate due to software bugs, you may try to set time slot between songs as 1500 or 2000ms to give the DAC enough time to recognize and lock the right receiving rate.

3. Record songs to MD
Upgrade the firmware to V1.2, and set time slot as 1500 or 2000, then switch MD to record mode, and go to the Album wanted
to play.


1. Language

2. Some CUEs can not be played
- Some APE or Flac files are made by EAC from WAV, in CUE file the "FILE" does not point to *.ape(or flac) but still to *.WAV. Check and modify the CUE file to ensure the best match for "FILE" and the physical file on the SD card.
- Confirm CUE and APE (or Flac) file are in the same folder.

- File format

1. FLAC support
Due to the microprocessor capability limit, QA660 has a good support for FLAC up to 24bit/48KHz.

2. Some songs only played for 4-5s and jump to the next
Those songs in the format that QA660 does not have a good support, such as 24bit/192KHz FLAC, or APE with compression rate High.

3. MP3 not support
- mono mp3 files or sampling bit 8
- sampling rate lower than 44.1KHz
- MP2 files with file extensions as mp3
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